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Articles located on the Cyberspace Law pages

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  • Keith Holland 'Recent International Legal Developments in Encryption' (IIR Conferences)
  • Nigel Waters 'Telcommunications interception - extending the reach or maintaining the status quo' 4 PLPR 110
  • Patrick Gunning Distributing encryption software by the Internet: loopholes in Australian export controls Internet Law Bulletin 1998
  • [R] James Boyle Surveillance, Sovereignty, and Hard-Wired Censors (1997 - draft article)
  • [R] Peter Hansen and Anthony Philips - New domain name rules for Australian commercial domain
  • [R] Anthony Philips Trade Marks and the Internet (Draft - Working Notes)
  • [R] Staff of the Communications Law Centre Chapter 2: Industry Structure and Regulation Australian Telecommunications Regulation - The Communications Law Centre Guide, Communications Law Centre, Sydney, 1997
  • [R] Holly Raiche New Telecommunications Regulation and the Internet (Working Draft prepared for this subject)
  • [R] Peter Leonard (General Editor) Internet Law Anthology Sydney, 1997, Prospect Publishing  
  • Graham Greenleaf Stopping surveillance: Beyond 'efficiency' and the OECD 3 PLPR 148
  • Graham Greenleaf Privacy Principles - irrelevant to cyberspace? 3 PLPR 114
  • Graham Greenleaf Privacy and cyberspace: An ambiguous relationship 3 PLPR 88
  • Holly Raiche - A History of Australian Telecommunications Policy (unpublished research paper)
  • Bob Lions 'A public key authentication framework for Australia' 3 PLPR 28
  • Commonwealth Privacy Commissioner - Consultation Paper Information Privacy for Australia: A National Scheme for Fair Information Practices in the Private Sector (18 August 1997)
  • G Greenleaf 'An Emerging Law of Cyberspace?' Computers & the Law Conference IIR Conferences, Melbourne 17 June 1996, Sydney 24 June 1996