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Thanks for visiting my web pages. My work concerns inter-relationships between information technology and law: legal information systems and cyberspace law. I hold a research appointment as Professor of Law & Information Systems at UNSW Sydney Faculty of Law, and as Founding Co-Director and Senior Researcher of the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) and associated international projects (particularly AsianLII, CommonLII & WorldLII).   In 2022 I have continued research  on the global development of data privacy laws and agreements, and working  on the DataLex AI & Law platform on AustLII.  My most recent books are  Public Rights: Copyright's Public Domains (Co-author David Lindsay; Cambridge University Press, June 2018, paperback September 2019) and Asian Data Privacy Laws: Trade and Human Rights Perspectives (Oxford University Press 2014,  paperback 2017).    More details of my past and current work are in my biographical note (short and longer versions), and details of  previous appointments, awards, grants, consultancies etc are on my background page. See also my UNSW Law Faculty profile.
Graham Greenleaf AM, FAAL, FACS 
Professor of Law & Information Systems, UNSW Sydney Faculty of Law
Founding Co-Director & Senior Researcher, Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)

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GG&DL_cover Table 4th Ed Jan 2015
Asian Data Privacy Laws: Trade  and Human Rights Perspectives  (OUP 2014; Paperback ed. (2017)   – Free online Update 2014-17 & 2017-2018 Further Update Global Data Protection, Privacy & Surveillance Law Library  on WorldLII – Global collection of data privacy legislation, decisions, treaties, articles, etc.
Greenleaf & Lindsay Public Rights: Copyright's Public Domains (Cambridge UP,  June 2018).  Overview (free) Supplement (free)
Global Tables of Data Privacy Laws and Bills (7th Ed, January 2021)
145 countries with data privacy laws and 30+ with official Bills.

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