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3.1. Project audiences

In order to undertake an assessment of need for the facilities proposed in Project DIAL in the developing member countries (DMCs) of the Bank
[66], it is first necessary to define who are the target audience(s) of the project.

3.1.1. Legal draftspersons and law reformers - the target audience

The principal or target audience for the project is those who are involved in the law-making processes in each country, including legislative draftspersons (wherever located - in government agencies or Parliaments), law reform personnel (whether in specialised agencies or in government agencies responsible for legislation), and Parliamentarians (such as those on legislative committees).

3.1.2. Relationship to needs of other classes of users

Since it is expected that the DIAL Index and DIAL Search components of the project will be acessible for free on the Internet, there are many other potential users of these facilities beyond the target audience of 'legislative personnel'. These include Court personnel, the private legal profession, the legal academic sector (teachers, researchers and students), non-government organisations (NGOs) and the business community.

The provision of better access to legislative information to these 'secondary audiences' of Project DIAL serves the aims of the project in a number of indirect ways:

(i) If these audiences are better informed then they will bring comparative legislative materials to the attention of the legislative personnel, through the processes of making representations or lobbying for legislative changes (the legal profession, NGOs and the business community), through consultancy reports and legal commentaries (academic researchers), and through comparisons made in Court decisions (court personnel);

(ii) The education of future lawyers in the use of comparative legal materials (law teachers and students) will also provide long-term benefits.

[66] As required by the terms of reference for the Project DIAL feasibility study.

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