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3.2. Methodology of sample study

3.2.1. Countries selected

The Bank nominated seven representative developing member countries (DMCs) of the Bank to be the subject of small local surveys. They were India, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Mongolia.

3.2.2. Local survey assistants

Local survey assistants with expertise in both the law and access to the Internet were engaged in each of the seven countries included in the sample study. The survey assistants were engaged by the project consultants after approval by the ADB OGC. The survey assistants appointed were:

The roles of the survey assistants in the project

The survey assistant's role was to assist the project consultants in the following ways:

3.2.3. Questionnaire

The principal element of the sample study was the completion of a questionnaire by the local survey assistants, from their own knowledge of local conditions and from interviews they conducted (often by telephone) with relevant officials involved in legal drafting. The Questionnaire was drafted in consultation with the ADB OGC. A copy of the Questionnaire is in the Annexures to this Chapter.

The limited resources available for the local surveys meant that the field research was usually limited to a sample of the project's primary audience ('legislative personnel'), whereas in relation to the secondary audiences the local survey assistants usually provided answers from their knowledge of prevailing legal practices in the country concerned.

The information on which this part of the report is based is principally the survey reports of the seven local survey assistants, except where the source is otherwise noted[67].

[67] The local survey assistants, in providing this information for publication in this Report, are not providing legal or other advice to the Bank, the project consultants or to any reader of the Report.

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