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4.7. The User Manual - `A Guided Tour of Project DIAL'

There is an interactive draft User Manual, `A Guided Tour of Project DIAL'[119]http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/special/dial/tour.html] ]It is only a draft, as it was written in October 1997, and there have been significant changes to the prototype since then. However, it still provides users with a useful step-by-step `walk through' of how to use the Project DIAL facilities. It is featured on the Project DIAL home page with the suggestion `New Users start here'.

The Guided Tour is accessible from the [User Guide] link at the top of every DIAL Index page, and from various locations on the DIAL Search page, as well as from the DIAL home page.

The interactive aspect of use of the Guided Tour is explained as follows:

Extract from the `Guided Tour' -


In the following chapters of this report, there will be numerous references and links to the Guided Tour.
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