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5.1. Structure of the DIAL Index

The principal purpose of the DIAL Index is to provide a well-structured set of links to legislation-related resources available on the Internet. It is a catalogue or set of `links' to Internet resources. The DIAL Index prototype has been constructed as part of a `World Law Index', which has a broader focus than legislation.

5.1.1. The DIAL Index start page

Users will often commence their use of DIAL Index from its `front page' although they can enter from any page in DIAL Index.

The opening page of DIAL Index

The DIAL Index has the following starting points for research: The next five headings are intended for those users who wish to browse the range of resources of particular interest to draftspeople, material relating to 'Legislation', 'Law Reform', 'Parliaments', `Treaties' and `Law Journals'. So a user who approaches the DIAL Index thinking 'I wonder if there is UK legislation available on the web?' 'Can I get Australian Law Reform Commission Reports on the web?' or 'Does the Portuguese Parliament have a web site where I might find material discussing this problem?' will go to those pages. The end result is intended to be a very extensive set of links and searches on each subject matter, which gives users access to a wide range of comparable legislative resources in many countries.

5.1.2. Search facilities

Finally, two types of search facility are available:

5.1.3. The `button bar' on DIAL Index pages

Each page in DIAL Index has this line of buttons at the top:

Their functions are as follows:

5.1.4. The Guided Tour of DIAL Index

The Guided Tour provides the following information about DIAL Index. It is worth taking the Guided Tour before reading the rest of this Chapter.

  • DIAL Index
  • 5.1.5. Extent of indexing in the prototype

    This feasibility study involves the building of a prototype, not a completed system. The priority in development of the prototype has been the identification and cataloguing of as wide a range as possible of national and multi-national collections of legislation as are available on the Internet, and (to a somewhat lesser extent) the identification of law reform, Parliamentary, and treaty resources.

    These `primary materials' have then been used to enable the construction of a small number of `Development Law Subject' pages, to demonstrate the extent and range of resources which can be found on a particular topic (eg `telecommunications'), and the variety of techniques which must be used to effectively locate such subject-specific resources. In particular, the identification of the widest range of national legislation on a particular subject was the highest priority in developing the Development Law Subject pages, as this is the resource which is of most interest to the main audience for this project, and was identified as such by the Bank at the outset of the project.

    5.1.6. The `New Additions to DIAL' page

    Users can see at any time what content has been added recently to DIAL Index (and to DIAL Search) by checking the `New Additions to DIAL' page from the DIAL home page or from the [New] button on the button bars in the system.

    The `New Additions to DIAL' page - http://www.austlii.edu.au/links/new.html

    [121] The Disclaimer of liability says in part:

    `Project DIAL is being developed for the Asian Development Bank by DataLex Pty Ltd. The

    DIAL prototype is hosted by the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), a joint

    facility of UTS and UNSW. This disclaimed is made by each of the five parties mentioned (the

    'Project DIAL providers').

    Project DIAL is a free service. We make every effort to provide a high quality service, but cannot

    accept any liability for the information provided. The Project DIAL providers do not invite

    reliance upon, nor accept responsibility for, the information provided by or via Project DIAL.

    The Project DIAL providers do not give any guarantees, undertakings or warranties concerning

    any information provided by or via any Project DIAL facilities, and they expressly disclaim any

    liability for such provision of information. Information obtained from or via Project DIAL

    should not be used as the basis for legal advice or other advice, but should be confirmed from

    alternative sources.

    Without limiting the scope of this disclaimer, users of the Project DIAL facilities should be aware


    *'We cannot guarantee that the lists of links or search links in the DIAL Index are


    * DIAL Index and DIAL Search provide access to many internet sites, but we do not and

    cannot determine how accurate, complete or up-to-date those sites are, and their

    inclusion in the DIAL facilities does not imply anything concerning these matters.

    * Many Internet sites to which DIAL facilities provide access are not official sources of

    legislation or other information. The inclusion of a site does not imply that the

    information on it is in any way 'official' or 'authorised.

    * Many Internet sites to which DIAL facilities provide access contain information which

    has been translated from another language. The inclusion of a site does not imply that

    the translation is accurate.

    Users should confirm information from another source if it is of sufficient importance for them

    to do so. The DIAL facilities are only intended to provide a starting point and guide for legal


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