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5.4. A `self updating index' - Storing DIAL Searches in the DIAL Index

As discussed above, the `Telecommunications: National Legislation' pages contain some examples of embedded (or `stored') searches over sites made searchable by DIAL Search. Such stored searches over DIAL Search have many other uses in the DIAL Index.

The significance of these `stored searches' of DIAL Search in the DIAL Index comes from three factors:

5.4.1. Examples of stored searches in the DIAL Index

Embedded DIAL Searches for telecommunications topics

On the `DIAL Searches for telecommunications topics' page is an embedded search for the term `telecommunications' over All Libraries in DIAL Search. It displays the results ranked in terms of their likely relevance to the search request (for example, items that use the term `telecommunications' frequently will appear before those that only use the term in passing, with adjustments made for the size of the document etc). As can be seen from the results display of the first ten items found, a rich array of legal documents dealing with telecommunications law is found, ranging from UK legislation (items 1 and 7), the Vietnam legislation index where it deals with telecommunications (items 3 and 4), an Australian Law Reform Commission report (item 5), GATT documents (items 6 and 9), Internet law indexes dealing with telecommunications (items 8 and 10), and an Asian Development Bank Law and Development project (item 2).

A DIAL Search is also included limited solely to a search for legislation, by restricting it to the Legislation Library. The first few items listed include legislation from the UK, Spain, Vietnam and New Zealand. Similarly, on the Telecommunications: Indices' page, a DIAL Search for telecommunications is limited to the `Law Indexes Library'.

First 10 of 494 items found for DIAL Search over ALL Libraries for `telecom*' or telekom*

Other examples of embedded DIAL Searches on Development Law Subject pages

The `Intellectual Property: DIAL Searches for intellectual property topics' page contains a variety of searches over All Libraries in DIAL Search which illustrate aspects of the use of embedded searches. The searches for patent law (`patent* or brevet* or octrooi*') and industrial designs law (`industrial design or dise* industrial') illustrate the searches which will retrieve materials in multiple European languages, as discussed in the previous Chapter.

The search for `circuit layout or semiconductor chip or integrated circuit' is an example of a search which is effective because it uses synonyms to an extent which most users would not achieve (even though only in English in this example).


The search for trade mark and related laws (`trade mark or trademark or unfair competition or passing off' also shows the need to consider variations in the use of an expression (trade mark or trademark) even between English-speaking countries. The first 16 of 479 results of this search, shown below, illustrate of the range of materials which can be retrieved: trademark legislation from Japan (14), the United Kingdom (2), Taipei, China (3,6), and China (1, 5, 7, 9, 11); European Union provisions (8, 12, 13); Internet law indexes to trademark materials (15, 16); and Canadian commentary (4).

The first 16 of 479 items retrieved by a search for trademark and related laws

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