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6.5. Repeating searches over other systems

The DIAL Search results page contains four links at the top which repeat the same search (`central bank' in this case) over the four other systems named: DIAL Index, Yahoo!, AltaVista and AustLII. The contents of these four systems all complement DIAL Search in various ways.

It is very convenient to simply be able to start researching a problem with DIAL Search, and then to extend the research to any of the other four systems as are appropriate.

6.5.1. `Finding' searches in DIAL Index

The interconnections between DIAL Search and DIAL Index prove very useful here. For example a DIAL Search for `breach of confidence', finds relatively few items (27), but if the search is repeated over DIAL Index, the one item it finds is an embedded DIAL Search for breach of confidence, which is actually the search "trade secret or segredo comercial or breach of confidence or confidential information". Selecting this item in DIAL index causes a DIAL Search which provides 179 results. The point of this example is that users often do not think of potential synonyms for their search terms, but if they repeat their searches over DIAL Index they may find synonyms for their search terms as part of embedded searches - in effect, using searches to find more effective searches.

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