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6.9. Annexure - Some technical information about the targeted web spider

Gromit is a specialist web robot. It targets selected legal web sites, namely a subset of the URLs contained in AustLII's World Law Index Internet indices, selected for their high value legal content. Gromit Web Robot (Gromit) is a single program that recursively downloads all text files on a site for indexing by AustLII's SINO Search Engine.

Normal operation for remote indexing purposes (as opposed to mirroring) is in text only mode, so image links will also be ignored, as will any links that do not appear to be of the MIME type text/html or text/plain.

Gromit maintains a local cache of downloaded documents, so that they can be indexed by AustLII's SINO Search Engine. The cached documents are not available for browsing or downloading via AustLII's servers - users must go to the original host in order to browse or download.

Wallace the Gromit harness

Gromit is not intended to be used directly by a human operator. Typically, it runs under the control of Wallace, a control script that fires off Gromit processes over blocks of URLs. AustLII's new software for the Links indices, Feathers, will invoke Gromit processes in relation to those sites selected by the editors of the indices. A separate version of Gromit to access protected databases on remote servers, with permission, is also available.

Wallace is a harness program for Gromit. Wallace instructs Gromit as to which sites it should download, and monitors its progress. Wallace runs a number of spider processes at any one time, but limits the maximum number of spiders to a preset limit. When one spider finishes, another is started automatically to download a different site. Wallace reads the list of links to download from a remote mSQL database using the Perl DBD and DBI modules. The database is expected to be in the format maintained by the Feathers links system

Wallace first downloads all the URLs in the database that are marked for indexing or mirroring. It then sorts the URLs by host name. URLs are grouped into host bands (that is, they all contain the same host name) and these bands are passed as URL lists to the web spider (gromit) for downloading. Wallace runs its spiders concurrently. There may be a web spider running for each host band at the same time, up to a maximum of 10. The user can modify the maximum number of spider processes. As one spider completes, another is started, until all host bands have been downloaded.

Impact on other sites

Gromit is a relatively unobtrusive robot, designed to have minimal impact on the sites it visits. The robot, designed and implemented by AustLII staff, has been written in Perl 5, and uses the LWP library. In particular, the LWP::RobotUA object is used as the basis for Gromit. That module, together with other measures taken in the program, minimises impact on web performance because: Gromit is still under development, and during this initial stage will not be running unattended. Further information can be obtained on the page `Gromit Web Robot - Information for Web Managers'.

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