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Chapter 3 - Internet access to comparative legal materials in DMCs - needs and impediments

3.8.1. Conclusions - General access to the Internet in DMCs

3.8.2. Conclusions - Internet access by Project DIAL audiences

3.8.3. Conclusions - Interest in Project DIAL by its proposed audiences

3.8.4. Conclusions - Legal information of greatest interest to Project DIAL audiences

3.8.5. Conclusions - Significance of the availability of a country's own laws on the Internet

3.8.6. General conclusions

The results of the survey of seven selected DMCs are very positive concerning both the perceived value of the facilities proposed for Project DIAL, and the potential for its effective use by its target audiences.

Almost all of the other DMCs of the Bank have international Internet connectivity. If the experience of the seven surveyed DMCs is representative, then we may conclude that the proposed Project DIAL facilities will be welcomed generally by the target audiences in the Bank's DMCs, and will be capable of being used effectively across the Bank's membership.

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