Finding domain
name decisions
Professor Graham Greenleaf
 University of Hong Kong

The problem
Number of decisions
Already 1,300+ gTLD decisions in 2002
Number of decision-makers
gTLDs have 4
Most .ccTLDs have one or more
Courts add to the numbers
Panelists must (and do) consider them
No formal system of precent, just good practice and efficient to consider expertise of others
Unusual for arbitrators / mediator to have so man decisions by their peers to consider

Existing search facilities
Berkman Center‘s UDRP Opinions - search engine with limited connectors etc
ICANN UDRP search - uses Berkman
Berkman Center‘s UDRPmate - hypertext linking between decisions by cut’n’paste
Umass UDRP seach engine - complex searches possible
UMass/Cornell LII UDRP Publishing Project - searching based on detailed subject indexing
See <>

Aims of WorldLII’s Domain Name Decisions databases
Allow all gTLD and .ccTLD decisions to be searched together - or separately
Requires availability from dispute providers
Separate database for each .ccTLD eg .hkDND
Allow DNDs to be searched together with nearly 1M court decisions
Hypertext links to any other DNDs cited  - and to some cases
‘Noteup’ to find all other DNDs/cases citing a DND

Progress on WorldLII’s DND
All 2002 gTLD decisions (1,300+)
.hk decisions
Context of nearly 1M cases etc
Powerful but easy-to-use search engine
Access from catalog of other domain name sites worldwide
Demonstration … <>

Thank you