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Work in progress: 
A new approach to legal research via Internet (World Law / Project DIAL)

The following papers / presentations are versions of a work in progress on a new approach to legal research via the Internet:
  • Graham Greenleaf, Daniel Austin, Philip Chung, Andrew Mowbray, Jill Matthews and Madeleine Davis 'The future of legal research via Internet, from an Asian perspective  (Project DIAL and AustLII's World Law)', 16th Biennial LAWASIA Conference, Seoul, Korea, 7-11 September 1999 (A version of the paper was also presented at AustLII's Law via the Internet '99 Conference, 21-23 July 1999, University of Technology, Sydney).

  • This page is http://www2.austlii.edu.au/~graham/publications/World_Law/