Second Asia Pacific Forum onPrivacy and Data Protection - Hong Kong, 12 September 1999

Privacy and data protection resources
in print and on the web

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Newsletters and journals on privacy

Some of the main international journals and newsletters:
  • Privacy Laws & Business (UK) -
  • Privacy Files (Canada) - email
  • Privacy and American Business (USA) -
  • Privacy Journal (USA) -
  • Privacy Law & Policy Reporter (Australia) -
  • Privacy Times (USA/Canada) -
  • EPIC Alert (USA) -     (email newsletter)
  • For details of these and other print resources, see these lists:
  • AustLII's World Law - Privacy Publications  (searchable, with links to web pages) -
  • EPIC's list of Privacy Publications  (includes fax, phone and email subscription details) -
  • Starting points for research on the web

  • AustLII's  World Law - Privacy pages in  the World Law Subject Index -
  • Categorises privacy resources by source or type, including By Country; Other Indexes; Advocacy Organisations; Decisions; International Agreements;  Legislation; Privacy Protection Agencies; Publications
  • Allows full text (every word) of some resources to be searched, including searches by above sub-categories
  • Privacy Exchange -
  • For additional starting points see the 'Other Indexes' page in AustLII's World Law - Privacy  pages

    Graham Greenleaf
    Professor of Law, University of New South Wales
    General Editor, Privacy Law & Policy Reporter
    Co-Director, AustLII
    30 August 1999