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    Welcome to Internet Content (LAWS3040) Session 1 2006
    Adrian Lawrence of Baker & McKenzie is teaching this course in 2006.

    The Reading Guides found on this site were last revised when the course was taught in 2003. They are therefore now out of date, but may still be useful on some points. Caveat emptor! 

    - Graham Greenleaf (25/02/06)

    11. Copyright (I): The 'digital agenda' rights.
    12. Copyright  (II): Hypertext, authorisations and defences
    13. Database rights14. Extending copyright: Technological and contractual protections
    19  Public domain revisited: The digital commons
    15. Other IP protections: Process patents, moral rights etc
    16.  Defamation
    17. Tortious liability (Negligence, trespass, etc)
    18. Censorship
    20 Controlling SPAM

    Reading Guides for the Internet Governance course are also available.

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    These pages are prepared for students studying Information Technology: Internet Governance (LAWS9977) and Internet Content (LAWS3040)  as part of the LLM (Media, Communications and  Information Technology Law). Other visitors are welcome, but may not be able to access some materials. These pages do not provide legal advice and should not be used for that purpose by any person.  Thanks to Philip Chung  at AustLII for technical assistance. These pages were created February 2003. Last updated at the date of the most recent Notice above.

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