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5.2. The Legislation pages

The Legislation, Law Reform and Parliament pages all have a similar format. They commence with links to multi-national sources of information, and then provide links to national sources in alphabetic order of countries. Part of the Legislation front page is shown below (down to countries beginning with `M' that have legislation on the web).

5.2.1. Multi-national legislation collections

The Legislation page is headed by a link to a page of multi-national legislation resources on the web, such as Project GLIN at the Library of Congress (a general collection of legislation[122], and collections of legislation on labour law, food and agriculture law, and constitutional law.


5.2.2. National legislation collections

Over 50 countries follow, each of which has some legislation available on the Internet, generally distinct from that found in multi-national collections.

Part of the Legislation front page - http://www.austlii.edu.au/links/DIAL_Index/Legislation/

Each link to a named country goes to the legislation page for that country, which may list multiple locations for legislation from that country, or separate links to search facilities to search that country's legislation, or instructions on how to do such searches (as illustrated below by an extract from the United Kingdom: Legislation page).

Part of the UK legislation page - http://www.austlii.edu.au/links/United_Kingdom/Legislation/

The symbol indicates that the full text of this resource is searchable in DIAL Search, and also provides a link to DIAL Search[123].

[122] As discussed in Chapter 2.

[123] This facility is being developed so that the user is taken to DIAL Search with it pre-set to search only that particular site.

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