Graham Greenleaf – Research & Projects

Current Research & Development Projects
Completed Research & Development Projects
Competitive Academic & Government Grants (in A$)
Government/industry funds for contract research (in A$)

Current Research & Development Projects

Unlocking IP’ (2005-09) is an Australian Research Council Linkage Project, for which I am the lead Investigator.
Interpreting Privacy Principles’ (2006-09) is an Australian Research Council Discovery Project, for which I am the lead Investigator.
The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) (1995 – ) is more like a life’s work than a project. I was co-founder in 1995 with Andrew Mowbray and have been Co-Director since then, with Philip Chung as Executive Director since 2000. AustLII’s early history is recounted in The AustLII Papers - New Directions in Law via the Internet (1997) JILT 1997, Issue 2.
The World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) was established by AustLII in 2002 in conjunction with other LIIs as a portal to free access to law. I am a Co-Director (as AustLII Co-Director).
The Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre was established by me at UNSW Law Faculty in 2000, and I have been the academic Director since then (David Vaile is the Executive Director). From 2001-2005 it was funded by Baker & McKenzie and took the name of the firm. The ‘Unlocking IP’ and ‘Interpreting Privacy Principles’ projects are based at the Centre.

Completed Research & Development Projects

Project DIAL (Development of the Internet for Asian Law) (1997-2002), funded by the Asian Development Bank, resulted in the development of the WorldLII Catalog, the Internet’s largest law-specific catalog of web sites, used by WorldLII, AsianLII, CommonLII and other LIIs for their index/websearch components.
The Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (2001-02) – HKLII was established while I was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law.

Competitive Academic & Government Grants (in A$)

Government/industry funds for contract research (in A$)

In addition to competitive grant funding listed above, I have since 1995 had principal responsibly for attracting research and development funds for AustLII, some as ‘indury partner’ funds for the above competitive grants. The number of sources of such funds are too numerous to list (over 40 for 2006). Some of the earlier funding sources are listed below, and the more recent sources are listed en bloc for 2003-06.