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4. Responding to change

How does AustLII intend to respond to this changing environment from now to 2000?

Public policy imperatives

We see no reason to change AustLII's commitment to the permanent provision of free internet access to public legal information in Australia. To achieve this, AustLII must continue to pursue a number of strategic tasks:

Technical responses - Data held by AustLII

There will be a continuing need for AustLII as a large legal publisher for at least the medium term. For many legal institutions, use of a non-profit publisher such as AustLII will continue to be a better alternative than the financial and technical requirements of self-publishing.

We think that databases on AustLII will be continued on this basis:

Technical responses - Distributed data

AustLII needs to position itself as a key provider of access to distributed information. We aim to do so by the following means:

Institutional factors

If AustLII can effectively pursue the policy and technical goals listed above, then we should be able to secure our institutional base by these means: Overall, our aim must be to stay small, intelligent, flexible and (we hope) ahead of the game.

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