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A policy for public legal information

'Public legal information' includes at least
- Primary legal materials (legislation, case law, treaties)
- Some 'official' secondary legal materials (At least law reform reports, royal commission reports, justice statistics etc)

Public policy should maximise access to public legal information 
- It supports access to justice,  the rule of law, and democratic institutions
- It assists business efficiency and international transparency

Six obligations of public bodies ... for effective provision of public legal information

AustLII's 'public policy agenda' (1995-99)
- after 5 years, there is general acceptance in Australia
- a 'free access'/non-profit policy creates a persuasive platform

An independent source is needed, not only free access from 'official' sources

Copyright is irrelevant 
- if Courts and governments wish to facilitate access, they can
- effective access to computerised data is the key issue
- copyright issues need not be resolved in order to provide free access

Graham Greenleaf