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5. Getting help - the World Law / DIAL User List and DIALogue

5.1 The World Law / DIAL User List

The List can be subscribed to from the home pages of World Law or DIAL.

The purposes of this List is for users of DIAL & World Law to:

This List is not intended to be used for obtaining legal advice, or for general discussion of legal issues. It is intended solely as a forum for discussion of Internet legal research.

DIAL-User is a moderated email List. If you send mail to an email list you should assume that you are sending it to all subscribers to the List (a few hundred at present). Email sent to the list first goes to a member of the World Law / DIAL team. We then decide whether to answer the enquiry direct to the list member, or whether to send the email on to the list. However, you should assume your email will go to all subscribers to the List.

There are two ways of sending email to the list:

To: dial-user@austlii.edu.au

or where the subject line starts:

Subject: [dial-user]

then this is a message from the List. If you use the 'reply' key in your email program, your reply will go to all members of the List, not only to the person who mailed the message.

Please make sure you understand, when you reply to a message, whether your reply will go to all members of the List or only the sender of the message.

You can send email directly to the Project DIAL team, without it going to the DIAL-User List by mailing to dial@austlii.edu.au

Of course, the List may not be used to communicate any information which is defamatory, in breach of copyright, or in breach of any other laws. The Project DIAL team reserves the right to remove from the List any person who, in its opinion, sends an inappropriate communication to the List.

Guided Tour
  1. If you wish to subscribe to the DIAL User List, send an email to 'majordomo@austlii.edu.au' with 'subscribe dial-user' in the body of the email.
  2. You can click on this link to do so: Subscribe to DIAL User

5.2 DIALogue

Another part of Project DIAL, DIALogue, provides a facility for Authorised Users (authorised by the Asian Development Bank) to obtain guidance and contacts.

DIALogue is an e-mail based facility for the use of Authorised Users in Developing Member Countries (DMCs) of the Asian Development Bank. Its purpose is to assist Authorised Users to obtain some level of free guidance from (or make contact with) 'panelists' who have expertise on particular legal subjects. DIALogue is intended principally for the use of officials involved with legislation in DMCs. Other classes of Authorised Users may also be approved by the Bank, both from government organisations, and from Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) involved in law reform.

For details see the About DIALogue information on the DIAL Home Page, which include instructions on how to apply to become a DIALogue Authorised User.

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