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Technical foundations of AustLII - automated value adding

All key AustLII software is written in-house
- enables tight integration between tools
- enables customisation for legal information

Equipment and tools: expansion and standards
- Sun Enterprise 4500 server with dual 400 mhz processors
- 210 GB Sun StorEdge Raid array disk storage
- Solaris 2.6 O/S; Apache web server; GNU C compiler and Perl
- 100 Mb/s fibre link to UTS network

A tour of AustLII's features for users

Ongoing research and development
- New SINO: virtual concordances, mask paths and interface
- Anarchivist web document management system
- Multi-jurisdictional 'point in time' legislation
- Embedding inferencing technologies in legal databases

'Raising the bar' for competitive value-adding
- 'If we can't automate it, leave it to the commercial publishers'
- 'If we can automate it, it is no longer saleable'

Availability of AustLII software to similar institutes
- with a commitment to free and non-profit access to the law

- with the technical capacity to utilise the software
- with the institutional capacity to succeed
- without any licensing fees, if these criteria are met

Graham Greenleaf