Computerisation Project - 2001


Russell Allen, 10 October 2001

  • Due date and submission requirements
  • General considerations
  • Formal Project requirements
  • What your Project should aim to achieve ...
  • Due date and submission requirements

    General considerations

    The overall objective of the Computerisation Project is for you to demonstrate to me the extent to which you have understood the main techniques of computerisation of law that have been covered during the subject, and how you can apply them to legal information in a creative fashion. If you keep that in mind you will not find this a difficult form of assessment: I am simply trying to give you a framework within which you can demonstrate what you have learnt in this part of the subject.

    Formal Project requirements

    The Project requirement is that you develop, on an area of law of your choice, a demonstration of the creative use of hypertext, text retrieval and rule-based inferencing systems. The Project should be in the form of a prototype or 'proof of concept', aiming to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to apply in a creative way the various techniques for computerisation of law that you have studied in this subject.

    You may choose as your subject area for the Project any legal topic, including copyright law.

    Your Project will include elements developed on the following platforms:

    Your Project must include a 'home page' which contains links to all of the components of the Project. It can be located on any of the above platforms. You can therefore develop parts of your Project in different web locations, provided that you 'home page' links to where all the parts are contained.

    Your Project should include one page entitled 'Guide to this Project' (or similar) which states in about 500 words (or less if possible):

    Approximately half (15%) of the marks for the Project will be allocated to the rule-based aspects, and half (15%) to the hypertext and text retrieval aspects, but since these two parts can interact, this is only a guide.

    What your Project should aim to achieve ...

    Here are some general guidelines on completion of the Project: Here are some suggestions on the range of techniques for computerisation of law that you might demonstrate in the Project. It is not necessary to do all of these things for a pass level (or better) Project, but the more of them that you demonstrate in a creative way will assist you in obtaining higher grades. I am very conscious that the aide software is still in prototype form, and generous allowance will be made for this in assessment. A satisfactory application need only demonstrate that you have used the sofware intelligently to deal with the particular problems raised by a small number of sections of legislation.